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Suma Sridhar is a very trustworthy, sincere, and hardworking person. She is always on time. Having a Masters's degree in Business accounting, experience, and skills set in the real estate field helps her to be the best. Suma has a very pleasing and very positive personality. One of her best assets is in communication with all the parties including the client. I had to cancel two other agents before I got convinced with Suma to sell my home in a very tough real estate market especially for sellers. I was very happy with her services and at any time I can recommend her services to anybody. Her Local Knowledge, Process Expertise, Responsiveness, and negotiation skills were exemplary and excellent.



Suma is super efficient and extremely competent. We completely trust her local knowledge and expertise when it comes to home buying/selling. Suma helped us with our selling process. She scheduled for on time inspection and staging. She started marketing early on which helped bring more interested buyers. She ensured all the COVID guidelines were followed by everyone. She is always on top of things and communicates information at a lightning speed which meant simply no time was wasted. Through her relentless and diligent efforts we were able to go sale pending with a great offer within two days of open house. I highly recommend Suma for your home buying/selling process.


Veena / Govind


Suma did an Excellent Job in handling the selling of my home in Fremont. Very prompt response to any questions I had, always had a solution to the issues that came up. Uses technology to complete the transaction, which made it very easy and convenient to get the paperwork done. From start to finish. Suma is the Best & and we highly recommend her. Suma is a  Superstar for us!




 Suma is very knowledgeable. In a fast-paced and competitive real estate market, Suma’s knowledge, aggression, personality, and tech-savvy accessibility serve as true assets to any buyer or seller. This was our first home sale, so our knowledge of the process was minimal. Suma quickly assessed our home, comps, and local market and

recommended a sale price far above what we had envisioned. Sold our home very fast.  She has our full recommendation to anyone in any situation! She is extremely professional and competent, I would use her again in my future Real Estate activities.




Suma is great. She was very professional. Had a solid marketing plan and support and was very considerate of our needs. We had tenants in the house we were selling, and they did a great job of working with them to respect their privacy as much as possible. Ultimately, She helped us to sell our house quickly and at the asking price. She did

a great job. Suma is excellent. I decided to list my home with Suma because of her no pressure tactics. She is   OK with me seeing the comparables at open houses before listing my home with her. She was patient and very quick to respond to each email.

Thanks to Suma for selling my home with great spirit.




 Suma is a great realtor. We will definitely recommend her. She listened and understood our specific requirements. She was very patient and helpful until we found our dream house even if that meant looking for many different houses. She was always responsive and answered all of our questions. She showed good domain knowledge and negotiation

skills when it came to cutting the deal finally. She even called for handymen and

contractors for doing modifications. We are 100% satisfied with our experience.




This is the 4th time we have worked with Suma, and I must admit that every single time, we are amazed by how amazingly she gets the job done! Each time our situation gets more complicated - this time, we had tenants in the house, new construction next door coming up, the tight deadline to sell since we already had purchased a home with a contingent offer, and some competition homes in the market in the neighborhood. Suma took a look at the property on Monday, and by Friday, she had finished doing inspections, HOA documents, deep cleaning, painting, staging, finding tenants lead on rentals, and we had a successful open house that weekend itself! Within 8 days, she found us an offer that surpassed our expectations, and within a month, we already had the cash in hand. No other agent would have been able to pull this feat off. Call Suma for your next home buying/selling needs and sit back and watch her perform magic. :)

Besides that, she has also been a lot of help to help us settle in the new neighborhood when we purchased our first home. I highly recommend Suma to be any serious home buyer without hesitation. Her advice is very honest and timely.


K Rao


Suma is the best realtor I have worked with so far. She is so helpful in nature and guided me in all aspects of preparing my home for sale. She gave a lot of suggestions and tips to attract a large number of prospective buyers to have a look at my home. She continuously followed with me and left no stone unturned to ensure that I am ready to

put my home in the market as per the schedule we worked on. Once Listed, she also worked very hard to get the best offer for my house, and finally left a very satisfied customer in me. I strongly recommend her services to anyone who wants to buy/sell property in the Bay area. Thank you, Suma!




Suma helped us to buy our first home in 2012 and sell it in 2015. She is very personable, responsive, and courteous. She was knowledgeable about the market and She guided us through every step of the process. We were totally confident in her ability to negotiate and to ensure that the process would be smooth. We HIGHLY

recommend Suma's services to anyone wishing to purchase or sell their home. Thank you, Suma!




Suma did a fantastic job of selling our house. Very strategic and communicative. Took care of repairs required and reduced unnecessary costs. Has good knowledge of the local market. We are happy with the overall experience of selling the house.



Suma was outstanding in the services she provided and exemplary in the way she dealt with a situation that I had recently run into. Suma not only provided a great amount of relevant information that helped in decision-making but also constantly kept in touch to update me on anything that she thought would be useful to me as a customer. When it came to actually make the deal, Suma exhibited the highest level of professionalism, but without losing the human touch to the proceedings. This was very helpful when we eventually decided to back-off from the deal and Suma proved that her customer &her interests are ahead in priorities than her own potential income. Thanks, Suma for being such an honest realtor, and more importantly, a reliable friend!!



Suma sold our home at a good price. She is the Best!  Suma was very perceptive of our needs right from the get-go. Her calm and supportive demeanor was always reassuring Suma was equally proactive in keeping us informed of our options.

She is a skilled negotiator and we were very happy to have her on our side! It was very reassuring to have walked us through every step of a major investment. She will make sure you get the best deal!




Suma went out of her way to help us figure things out and put us in touch with all the right people who guided us through preparing the house for sale. Thank You, Suma! Am sure we will have more real estate needs soon and we will be working with you again soon.  You are amazing.


                                                                           Rama Keshav

We are glad to have Suma as our Real Estate Broker. She gave a professional recommendation and guided us in all aspects before listing the property. Helped to prepare the home to sell quickly. Her acts attracted several buyers in a very short time. She attracted a higher than what we expected.



Suma was able to successfully sell our home and handled all aspects of the transaction. She handled all advertising, cleaning, staging, pictures, and marketing. Entire process was efficient, and most importantly she was able to secure the best price - highly recommend for both sellers and buyers.


It’s always great working with Suma. Suma is my buyer agent when I bought the house and now for selling, we dint even think about another person. Suma worked hard once we decided to sell the house. I would definitely recommend her for all real estate needs.